Spirit Airlines brings stranded fliers from Houston to Metro Airport

Posted at 10:44 PM, Aug 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-29 05:16:47-04

Some of the final passengers stranded at Houston Bush Intercontinental Airport have finally gotten out - many of them landing at Detroit Metro Airport.

What some of these travelers did - would never even be thought of, but as one man told me, he was willing to do anything to get out of Houston.

Three passengers from across the country on very different flight paths, ended up at Detroit Metro Airport, all of them very thankful to get out of Houston.

Rozell Kenney from Philadelphia says what she saw at Houston Bush Airport as a result of Hurricane Harvey was absolutely frightening.

Nobody could fly out of Houston - like Ryan Gonzales - who only needed to catch a flight about an hour south of Houston, so he flew 1,300 miles north just to get 200 miles south of Houston - where he was stranded along with hundreds of others.

Denise Zagurski and her husband were flying to Virginia, but they too got stranded from the torrential rains in Houston.

All three boarded onto a Spirit Sirlines flight from Houston to Detroit for free. Spirit loaded up two planes in a rescue mission to help get some the final passengers back home.

Houston Bush Airport tweeted Spirit Airlines thanking them for their help.

These passengers say they did not fly Apirit to Houston, but are thankful the airline helped them get out.

Their journey is not over yet, but they say the worst part certainly is.

Now they can finally try to find flights back home.

They were worried their tickets on their original airlines would not be valid since they are not returning home from a different destination, but one of them told me delta was going to let them board to get back home for free.