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Taking Action for metro Detroit renters with flooded apartments and no heat

Posted at 7:22 PM, Nov 20, 2017

Mitchell Green says he hears squishy sounds when walking around his apartment. 

He and several others living at Cherry Hills Club Apartments say their units were completely drenched with water over the weekend in the wake of Saturday's heavy rain.  

Residents say maintenance came to vacuum up the water- but that the efforts falling short 

"It’s still wet here right now," said Green. 

It's a problem that comes on top of another huge inconvenience for residents: no heat. 

It’s a story Channel 7 first brought viewers last week, these same residents reaching out to the news with complaints as temperatures begin to dip into the low 30s.  

The building management has given each unit one space heater. But they say it's not enough. Residents say they've been forced to rely on turning on the oven to keep warm. 

So our Taking Action team went looking for answers from the city of Inkster itself. 

"Our code enforcement officers did go out an issue violations because the heat was not working," said Mayor Byron Nolen, of the ordeal. 

The mayor told Channel 7 that he is familiar with the issue and that the problem goes back to a ruptured pipe— something that was supposed to be fixed today.

But alas, the issue is ongoing.  

The property manager, Nakia Waker, told Channel 7 that the leak is being fixed by technicians on site. She says it's a foundational problem. Once it's fixed, she says the boilers will be put back on and the heat restored.  

As for the flood, she says the drainage system needs to be revamped, another project technicians are now working on. 

In the meantime, Walker says she will look after those residents who have been affected, including replacing their carpet, and/or moving residents to other units.