Taylor animal shelter was under fire at council meeting for dog care

TAYLOR, Mich. (WXYZ) - The Taylor Animal Shelter catching some criticism for the way it cares for it’s dogs.

Several people attended Tuesday’s city council meeting to voice their concerns to the mayor and council members.

Currently The City of Taylor Animal Shelter is closed according to their Facebook page, due to several sick animals.

"These dogs are not being treated properly and I just want to be see what's right for these dogs,” said Megan Chall, she recently adopted a dog from the shelter. 

Some of the new speakers during the public comment section were critical of the current staff members.

"Some of the new people, they don't know what they're doing, they're causing a lot of problems they're causing a lot of controversy,” said Patty Messer, a former volunteer at the shelter.

Chall brought a specific issue in front of city leaders, she said she recently adopted a dog, named Kendall, and was told the dog was in good health.

"If this shelter would have been open and said hey we do have a case of kennel cough, Kendall would have still come home with me still but I would have made accommodations at my house,” said Chall.

Chall said she had to return the dog, because she has another dog at home and was not able to get Kendall the vet care needed in time.  She had Kendall at home for three days.  

"I do want to the dog, my family loves the dog, I love the dog, I would love to have the dog back, there would be no way, not after the way I was treated by the staff,” said Chall.

Kendall is now relisted on the City of Taylor’s Facebook page for adoption, but it is noted she is sick and will need to recover.

The Mayor, Rick Sollars, addressed all of the concerned speakers and said he would look into the issues. 

"When it comes down to any actual complaints we take it very seriously and we will look into any allegations,” said Sollars.

Sollars said the animal shelter has an ‘as is’ policy and often adopts out pets whose histories and backgrounds are unknown, so it’s up to the adopting person to be aware there could be potential problems.  He said if his staff lied about the condition of a dog, that’s another matter and he will look into it.

The animal shelter is set to reopen on Monday and Chall said she plans to go back and try to adopt Kendall again.

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