Taylor woman picking up the pieces after a Jeep slams into her house

Posted at 11:24 PM, Dec 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-12 23:24:55-05

A Taylor woman lost nearly everything, after a driver lost control on a snowy Sunday afternoon, crashing through her living room.

Erica Freebern says, "I feel like my whole Christmas is ruined. I set my house up to be nice and Christmasey, but it's gone."

She tells 7 Action News a driver was involved in an accident nearby with another car. That car hit the driver, sending him into her house on Beech Daly.

Freebern says the driver's foot was stuck on the gas pedal, and he was unconscious for a while. She says she pounded on the window, trying to wake the man up.

The 25-year-old lost a lot of belongings, from couches, to tables, and a television.

Freebern allowed our cameras inside to see the damage. She also claims she has no renter's insurance, so she has to start all over.

She has set up a GoFundMe account.

Police continue to investigate the cause of the accident.