Teen who said he was confused during Taylor traffic stop convicted of fleeing and eluding police

Posted at 6:21 PM, Aug 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-12 18:21:34-04

A teen who was pulled over by police with guns drawn back in March has been found guilty of fleeing and eluding officers.

It was a ruling his family was not expecting.

Nineteen -year old Chris Saul was convicted of fleeing and eluding officers. He says it's not what he was trying to do - he was just confused.

Still, the judge says he broke the law.

Police dash cam video was at the center of today's bench trial. It shows police following a Jeep.

Saul who was inside stopped, but then kept going and eventually officers surround him, guns drawn. Chris was then ordered out and cuffed.

Chris testified he did stop and then kept going because he didn't understand what officers wanted him to do.

All of it happened on the evening of March 10th in Taylor.

Prosecutors say Chris knew officers were behind him, heard the horns and sirens and still kept going.

With several of Chris’s family members inside of the courtroom, the judge ruled, finding him guilty of fleeing an eluding in the third degree.

Chris's mother ran out of the courtroom in tears. She says they will be appealing.

Sentencing is on September 8th.