VIDEO: Thieves steal metro Detroit plumbing company's truck and trailer

LINCOLN PARK, Mich. (WXYZ) - It’s a crime all caught on camera. Surveillance video shows two men stealing a truck, trailer, and excavator from the parking lot of Any Moment Plumbing in Lincoln Park.

The two men use flashlights to navigate inside, and just moments later, one man starts the car and drives away while the other takes off by foot.

Owner Austin Molter says the truck, a Ford F-250 is still missing, but the trailer and now damaged excavator were found abandoned in Southwest Detroit.

Molter doesn’t know who did it, but surveillance video does show two people walking right by the truck just a half hour before the theft, wearing clothing that eerily matches that of the criminals.

Molter says the truck is important to his business, as it's the only one he has that can carry the weight needed for the big projects his company undertakes.

He's hoping to recover the vehicle, but at this point, he says police tell him they have no leads.

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