Westland Mayor William Wild upset with how ABC's Designated Survivor has portrayed Dearborn

Posted at 6:36 PM, Oct 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-12 18:36:39-04

It is a hot new show on WXYZ-TV and other and ABC-TV stations around the country and it has been attracting a lot of attention lately.

On the second episode of Designated Survivor, which airs on Wednesday nights, the show depicted Muslims being rounded up and arrested and a curfew being issued by a fictitious Michigan governor.

As we first reported a couple weeks ago, some were disturbed by the possibility of an event like this happening.

Mayor William Wild of Westland was offended by the show using a fake Dearborn altogether.

“Probably, as mayor, that’s the part that caught my attention,” said Mayor Wild. “That it is a fictitious movie. They could have used a fictitious name, but they used the city of Dearborn and they showed police in vehicles that said City of Dearborn on them.”

He said it was hard to watch ABC’s show using the city as a backdrop and wrote an editorial piece in today’s Detroit Free Press.

Mayor Wild went on to say in the article, “Shows like this are divisive. We as a region cannot afford this continued divide when so many people have worked so hard for so long to educate and inform people about the truth."

"I just didn’t like the stereotypes that they were throwing out for the city of Dearborn,” Mayor Wild told us. “You know as mayors in this whole region we work so hard on building bridges.  We spent so much time on community outreach and building or social muscles and stuff.  So when I see that kind of stuff it sets the whole thing back.”

Mayor Wild adds he is a fan of the show and will continue to watch it.