Local attorney accused of taking woman's money

Posted at 5:59 PM, Feb 03, 2016

A woman claims she was taken advantage of by an attorney who she called for help with a parking ticket.

She says she got a parking ticket at the airport, always had a clean record and simply didn't know the law or what to do, so she called an attorney for advice.

She says he lied to her, took her money, and, never helped her.

Attorney Roger Maceroni told us he was “very sorry and “it just fell through the cracks” after we paid him a visit.

Here's how it all started.

The woman, who doesn't want her face shown, moved here from Albania years ago, got a parking ticket back in December, and called Maceroni for help.

The ticket was for an impeding traffic violation - which does not come with points. At the time she didn't know that - so she paid Maceroni $300 cash, per his request.

So, she was shocked when she got a notice in the mail saying her ticket wasn't paid, late fees were piling up, and she was in jeopardy of having her license suspended.

She called again, they met again and this time she recorded their conversation.

We went to his office and he agreed to meet her right away.

He gave her $200 and told us this wasn't a big deal.

Now, this young woman hopes he does not do it to anyone else again.

Roger says he will be giving his now former-client, the rest of her money - $150-bucks - on Friday. We will hold him to it.