Woodhaven pizza delivery driver dragged by thief fleeing scene after breaking into cars

Posted at 11:17 PM, Jan 12, 2017

A local man nearly lost his life trying to catch a crook after his car was broken into.

He was dragged for blocks and then thrown from the thief’s car into oncoming traffic.

It all started right behind Andy’s Pizza in Woodhaven and ended on West Road - with that pizza delivery driver being thrown from a moving vehicle.

Christopher Holland is lucky to be alive after trying to stop a thief from stealing his cell phone.

Surveillance video from Tuesday night captured in the back parking lot of Andy’s Pizza in Woodhaven shows a pretty clear image of the guy police are looking for.

As the footage rolls, you can see the crook inside Holland’s car but then he immediately runs for his truck when he sees he’s been made.

You can also see Holland jump into the truck as it speeds off.  

Holland was dragged around the block and says he fell out of the thief's white Chevy SUV in the middle of West Road.

He suffered some cuts and bruises, but he did somehow manage to grab his phone during the struggle - and very likely avoided some broken bones by wearing steel-toed boots that were scratched down to the metal.

Holland then ran back inside Andy’s Pizza, where another employee discovered her car had been ransacked too.

Cassandra Hess says her backpack, an autographed gift, was taken. Inside it was an urn carrying the ashes of the family pet.

She’s hoping police are able to recover her belongings, but so far no arrests have been made.

Police are hoping someone recognizes this guy and turns him in, but Holland is hoping the thief does it himself.

If you recognize the driver of that white Chevy Equinox, you are asked to call police.