Remembering Aretha: The Voice. The Spirit. The Style!

Posted at 6:56 PM, Aug 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-17 18:56:59-04

When it comes to Aretha Franklin, the one and the only Queen of Soul, there is so much to celebrate.

The Queen’s voice, her spirit and her impeccable style.

Ms. Franklin is a legend who wore many hats, literally. 

One of the men behind, lots of them, her dear friend of 20 years, Luke Song of Metro Detroit’s own, Mr. Song’s Millinery.

The hat, Song designed that was an absolute fan favorite, the Inauguration hat. 

“I did not expect that that hat would garner that much attention and notoriety. I think the weather, the lighting everything, made that hat, part of history”, Song says humbly. 

When we talk about history and hats. Henry the Hatter, also comes to mind. 
Though, the “Queen” never purchased a hat from Paul Wasserman, he sure does wish she did!

“I do but interestingly, when i was young , i worked for Hudson’s for four years, and I did sell Aretha a pair of blue jeans, back when a pair of Levis cost about six dollars”, says Wasserman.

Boy, those were the days. 

There is lots of love and sadness surrounding the loss, of our Queen, because she will be missed.

Aretha’s music is a soundtrack of million of lives. She left of a gift, that keeps on going.