Residents in Waterford Township to vote on new $30 million community center

Posted at 12:54 PM, Nov 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-02 12:57:46-04

Voters in Waterford Township have a big choice to make this mid-term election.

A new community center is on the ballot that would cost tax payers $30 million over 21 years. 

The average price for a homeowner in Waterford Township would be less than $50 a year. 

The Township says their current center is more than 70 years old and is too costly to repair. 

It used to be the site for the Oakland County fair. 

Alison Swanson with the Township says it would cost up to $12 million to rehab the building. 

The proposed community center on the ballot would be built on Civic Center Drive behind the Township Hall overlooking Clam Lake. 

It would offer fitness classes, event rental and activities for every age group. 

The current recreation center would be sold to help bring the bond amount down. 

While some are excited about the idea others say they’ve already voted no. 

“I went to school here in fourth grade and I just always come here, it’s very close and there so many activities going on it’s just a wonderful place to come to,” Margaret Evans says. 

Swanson says the Township is concerned about the current center. 

“There would come a point when the parks department budget plans can’t handle the repairs needed to sustain this was and you know it’s questionable what the future holds for it,” she says. 

If voted yes, construction would start in 2019 and take roughly two years to complete. 

“A Community center with the central hub of social and athletic and fitness activities for all ages really can do amazing things for this community.”

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