Shipping container becoming Detroit restaurant

Posted at 5:23 PM, May 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-19 17:23:47-04

It was a grueling day for crews who worked tirelessly to drop a 40-foot long steel shipping container at Campus Martius Park on Wednesday night.

The container is in the process of becoming a new restaurant in downtown Detroit. That

“Campus Martius Park, the center of Detroit.  The hubbub of everything,” said Operations Director Theodore Oresky.

The shipping container will be transformed in to the new Fountain Restaurant.

“It’s a shipping container,” said Oresky. “You know how people are repurposing them? That’s the same thing we did. So we took a shipping container, repurposed it. Great way to be environmentally conscious and be creative at the same time.”

“It’s definitely very unique and it’s for sure the first in middle America,” said designer John Janviriya. “Some of these are in Europe and throughout the world but this will definitely be a first for this area.”

Once the pop-up full service restaurant is up and running, it will initially employee 80 people.

It will be open everyday day of the week, weather permitting, until late October. It sits next to a sandy, area of Campus Martius. Diners can expect a very beachy atmosphere.

“A creative cuisine in a very unique environment that’s going to service people,” said Oresky. “It’s also going to make them fell comfortable. It’s going to have that beach feel to it.”