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Restaurant Report Card: Which eateries made the grade in Livonia

Find out if you should Chow Down, or Put That Fork Down!
Posted at 5:00 PM, Apr 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-24 18:27:13-04

LIVONIA (WXYZ) — Come on loves, let's go live it up in Livonia! A city where it's all about family first.

Yes, family first. However, food certainly comes second.

There are lots of places in Livonia to hunker down if you're hungry.

Action News' Andrea Isom's first stop on the restaurant report card express is Thai Basil, which blends Northern Thai cooking practices, according to the the restaurant's website.

Thai Basil had seven priority violations: cooked food not cooled properly, bio-film inside the ice machine and pop guns at the bar with mold on them.

Fortunately, the bad news has been met with some good. According to the health department, Thai Basil is back to doing business in complete compliance.

The name of the next spot is Ten Yen. The restaurant has called Livonia home for 5 years.

The last time the health inspector came, there were some violations. like raw chicken stored over carrots and packaged foods not labeled. Those violations have since been corrected.

The last location is David's New York Deli, which served up an A on the Restaurant Report Card.

David's has clean, quality, homemade food.

There were zero violations on the businesses last health inspection.

The crew consists of four fantastic workers and owner Sandy.