Road rage incident ends with police officer wrestling driver out of car in Troy

Posted at 5:50 AM, Oct 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-29 17:34:16-04

TROY, Mich. (WXYZ) — Police are investigating a road rage incident that started in Auburn Hills and ended in Troy with a police officer wrestling the female driver out of the car.

On Oct. 26, around 5 p.m., officers responded to a road rage incident on southbound I-75 from Adams Road. Dispatch reported that the driver of a gray Dodge Caliber was being chased by a white Chevrolet Cruze. The passenger in the Cruze had verbally threatened the caller’s life with a gun, according to police.

The vehicles exited southbound I-75 to westbound Big Beaver Road, traveled through Crooks Rd then headed back eastbound on Big Beaver Rd. Officers saw both vehicles traveling eastbound on Big Beaver Rd near Troy Center Drive, heading toward southbound I-75.

Dash cam: Road rage incident ends with scuffle between woman and police officer in Troy

At the beginning of the ramp, officers turned on their lights in an attempt to stop the white Chevrolet Cruze, according to the Troy Police Department. The Cruze continued driving. The officer then turned on his siren, yet the Cruze continued until the complainant in the Dodge Caliber slowed and stopped, ultimately helping the officer stop the Cruze, police say. The officer maneuvered the patrol car to the front of the Cruze as the Caliber pulled forward.

Police say the officer got out of his patrol car and saw the Cruze backing up. He then drew his service weapon and approached the car, which was partially blocked in by traffic from behind.

The police officer then opened the unlocked door of the Cruze and made several requests for the driver, to put the vehicle in park, shut off the vehicle and release the keys.

According to police, the driver shifted the vehicle in reverse several times. The officer grabbed ahold of the female driver and forced her towards the passenger side, while pushing the button to turn the vehicle off.

The officer grabbed the driver by her jacket in an attempt to remove her from the car, but she was holding on to the steering wheel with two hands. The driver was able to start the vehicle and shifted it in to drive.

While her right hand was on the shifter, the officer pulled the driver from the driver's seat and onto the road.

The vehicle then started moving forward, but the officer was able to reach in and put the shifter into park. The Troy Police Department says it was later discovered that the driver had two key fobs, the one she gave the officer and another one in her pocket.

The driver would not comply and continued to spin away, police say, when the officer told her she was under arrest. Officer says he was unable to handcuff the driver while she was standing. The officer spun the driver to the ground a few times before able to put her in handcuffs.

While the officer was struggling with the driver, the passenger exited the vehicle and repeatedly confronted the arresting officer, according to police.

Officers located a machete that was tucked between the seats of the Cruze.

The road rage incident began with the passenger of the Cruze allegedly threatening the driver of another vehicle, police say.

Both were arrested and are awaiting formal charges.