Clay & broken sidewalk left behind at demo site

Posted at 6:54 PM, May 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-23 18:54:11-04

At a time when federal investigators are probing Detroit’s demolition program and questionable contracts, neighbors are having to put up with jobs left unfinished.

Time and time again, 7 Action News has seen vacant lots filled with debris ridden dirt and busted sidewalks.

Contractors are required to repair the sidewalks and use topsoil and grass seed. That didn’t happen in the 19000 block of Wormer. 

Records show Able Demolition was awarded the contract and tore down the home March 2, 2016. Retired contractor Roger St. Pierre lives next door and watched the work being done. 

When heavy trucks showed up with fill dirt, he noticed a problem. St. Pierre claims it wasn’t dirt, but clay the contractors were using to fill the hole. 

Added to that, one day a truck hauler showed up and dumped a load after the hole was filled. It’s still sitting there, along with the broken, busted sidewalks. 

One neighborhood girl told 7 Action News, the sidewalk makes it hard for the kids to ride their bikes. 

“I want you to fix it, please,” said the child.

7 Action News reached out to the Detroit Land Bank Authority. A spokesperson said the contractor submitted paperwork stating the work on the lot was complete, and requested payment. 

He would not say if the company was actually paid for the work yet or not.

7 Action News also reached out to the contractor, Able Demolition. An employee said they do not ever use clay for fill and would be checking with the truck hauler to figure out what happened. 

In the meantime, a crew will be sent to the site to finish the job.

If you have an issue with a city hired contractor working on house demolitions in your neighborhood, call 1-844-DET-DEMO.

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