Royal Oak dentist boasts breakthrough in braces

ROYAL OAK, Mich. - (WXYZ) - If spending years in braces, having surgery or getting teeth pulled has you putting off cosmetic dentistry, one Royal Oak dentist may have the solution for you.

Dr. Dolores Baran says Fastbraces are cheaper, safer and give you straight teeth in half the time of traditional braces.

“Probably around the age of 12 or 13 I was being made fun of at school,” Edvin Ramic said.

The 17-year-old says the bullying at school took a toll on his self-esteem and sent him to dentists all over metro Detroit looking for a fix.

“I went to different doctors and one dentist said I had to do surgery then put braces on for a few years,” he said.  “I went to another doctor and they said they had to break my jaw and put braces on for another three years.”

Then his dad heard about the Fastbraces technology Dr. Baran uses in her office.

“With traditional braces, there’s multiple wire changes, it moves the tooth first, the crown of the tooth and then the root,” She said. “With this, it moves both the tooth and the root at the same time so there’s less discomfort, there’s less damage, teeth are more stable.”

Dr. Baran says she was able to save Edvin the pain of breaking his jaw, and pulling his teeth and in less than one year give him straight teeth.

“I’m new man ya know,” he said.

Kim Lewis never had braces as a kid and as an adult was too embarrassed to even smile for her Fastbraces before picture.

“I had an overbite and my lower teeth had crowded from my wisdom teeth coming in,” she said. “So when they were overlapping they were causing me a lot of pressure and then I would get a lot of headaches.”

She had Fastbraces for 10 months.

“The breaking technology is that it’s a bracket,” Dr. Baran said.  “There are things I’m doing now with Fastbraces that I didn’t do before, other things I would refer to a specialist.”

Dr. Baran admits even she was skeptical about Fastbraces until she did her research, but after going through the training and seeing results on her patients she’s done away with traditional braces all together.

“I don’t do those anymore because with the Fastbraces it’s faster, it’s safer, it’s less money than traditional braces,” she said.

In fact, she says it’s about half the cost. With traditional braces costing her patients $5-7,000, Fastbraces typically cost around $3,700 or less.

Of course Fastbraces aren’t for everyone, but they were a game changer for the people we talked to.

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