Controversial message removed from Royal Oak's Main Art Theater marquee; company says it's untrue

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Posted at 1:57 PM, Jun 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-15 19:13:16-04

(WXYZ) — Royal Oak’s Main Art Theatre, which has been around since the 1940s, has seemingly closed for good.

Appearing on the marquee over the weekend were the words, “Landlord kicked us out … it’s been a fun ride … RIP.”

Courtesy Jennifer Ann Wilson

The theatre, located on Main Street, had temporarily closed down in April.

A representative for Landmark Theatres sent the following statement to 7 Action News saying the allegation the theater was "kicked out" is not true:

That statement is untrue and the messaging was put up on the marquee, by an unknown source, and without authorization from either Landmark or the landlord. Landmark Theatres entered into an amicable agreement with the landlord to return possession of the property based on a business decision that the theatre could no longer be operated viably. The marquee messaging was removed immediately.

According to the Main Art’s Facebook page, Landmark has operated the Royal Oak theatre since 1997.

Emagine Entertainment said they had been asked if they wanted to take over the lease of the building.

“Emagine was approached to assume the lease of the Main Art and declined. The building is need of significant upgrades and repair.

We look forward to welcoming the Main Art’s guests at the Birmingham 8 and Emagine Royal Oak as well,” said Anthony LaVerde, CEO of Emagine Entertainment.