Russian prosecutor asks for 18-year prison sentence for Paul Whelan

Posted at 6:16 PM, May 25, 2020

(WXYZ) — Shocking new information is coming in about Paul Whelan, the Novi man who has been locked up in Russia for nearly two years.

Whelan was arrested in a Moscow hotel and charged with being a spy, and on Monday, the prosecution asked for an 18-year sentence.

David Whelan, Paul's twin brother, said 18 years is possibly the worst sentence that could've been requested. Now, his fears and worries are even stronger now.

"It’s at the harsher end of the spectrum and also that he be put in a Russian regimen camp, a labor camp," David said.

"Apparently, he was very polite during the sentencing hearing. he didn’t react to the request from the prosecution," David added. "I guess the still hopes the judge will decide that based on the lack of any evidence the sentence request isn’t appropriate and we’ll see on June 15, whether that is true."

David said the number of coronavirus cases continues to grow inside the Russian prisons and the whole family is worried about his health.

"We hope there will be some action by the US government, once there’s been a conviction. Some, clemency by President Putin, who sees that there’s been an injustice done here, so that Paul can come home," David said.