School board president ousted in dispute over sexually explicit video shown to Southgate students

Posted at 6:00 PM, Jun 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-17 18:48:20-04


That's how the video starts, and it is too graphic to show on television - let alone a classroom.

The R-rated animated film is a satirical take on sexual development, but stars a cast of talking body parts, simulating graphic sexual acts.

The circumstances are in dispute, but the district confirms the video was on a female teacher's phone and was shown to three students at Southgate Anderson High School.

At least one student claims the teacher forced the kids to watch it.

We showed the video to parents around Southgate to get their reactions.

"That's.... that's not cool," said Brandon Hudgens.

"No, that is not okay," added Molly Clayton. "I would be furious."

The district says an internal investigation found the material does not rise to pornographic and the teacher was suspended for just a day.
"We are appalled it happened, don't get me wrong," said newly installed school board president Paul Knott.

But he also said the teacher involved is a good teacher. And he doesn't expect the district to take this any further. That's something we pressed him on.

When asked if the incident puts the teacher's judgment into question, he replied, "I guess it's just a matter of opinion. What is deemed pornography today?"

As for the one day suspension, he says it was the Superintendent who decided the punishment. And they are now following in line. But when this originally surfaced, board minutes show, some other board members felt otherwise.

One of those folks was former board president Rebecca Reed, ousted from her leadership role this week. Her son was one of the three who saw the video. She told us in email she's been bullied and silenced after months of complaining about the incident.

We attempted to talk to the Superintendent and she declined.