Service truck stolen from family business found

Posted at 10:54 PM, May 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-27 14:32:32-04

UPDATE: The service truck has been found, but the equipment is gone.


A metro Detroit business owner is hoping you can help track down the thief who stole his truck filled with construction equipment.

Paul Azarovitz, owner of PJ’s Contracting, had $50,000 worth of equipment taken from him Saturday morning. 

It was stolen from a lot in Redford where similar types of companies also keep equipment. 

“I seen it and my stomach dropped,” Azarovitz said. “Immediately trying to figure out what do we do from here. How do we get the day done? How do we move forward?”

The veteran and father of three says everything was caught on camera but it is hard to make out the features of the robber. But at this point he doesn’t care about who stole it, he just wants it back. 

“This isn’t just a truck to us it’s our freaking livelihood,” Azarovitz said. 

He worries that they will have to close up shop and lay off all their employees. It’s hard financially for a small business to bounce back from losing that much. 

“There’s a good chance, I like to think I’ll always figure something out, move forward, but there’s a good chance we could go under,” Azarovitz said. 

If you have seen that truck with PJ’s Contracting written on the side with a license plate of BA85443 please reach out to Redford police.