Email us your "promposal" videos & pics!

Posted at 11:04 AM, Apr 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-25 09:33:50-04

Will you...go to prom with me? 

That simple question has generated elaborate "promposals" from teens everywhere in recent years. 

From a teen writing "Prom?" on 500 ping pong balls to another teen filling his girlfriend's room with 350 balloons, the art of asking has almost become more of an event than the event itself. 

So, we're asking metro Detroit teens to send us their promposal videos and photos! If you have a video, upload it to YouTube and email the link to You can also email your photos to the web team. 

Please include your names and which school you attend. 

We'll post the videos and photos online. You could even see them air on WXYZ-TV. 


Check out these promposals from metro Detroit:

Mikayla Gilkerson, senior at Walled Lake Northern High School, poses with her boyfriend Joe Ewer, senior at Waterford Kettering High School. They were at his baseball game this past weekend & Mikayla was facing the other way so Joe had his friends hold up the banner & he yelled "Hey Mik".  She turned around & saw the sign with Joe holding the roses for her.  Everybody clapped & then she said yes!

Spencer Orlando and Elizabeth Woelmer of Milan High School --both involved with the high school band and choir. 

Collin Beaudoin and Shannon Rice. Collin Beaudoin became the luckiest man in the world when Shannon Rice said she would be his girl for Prom! Both Collin and Shannon are Seniors at Dearborn Divine Child and had a wonderful time at Prom which took place on Sunday, April 17th at the Dearborn Inn.

Michael Duncan is a junior and Delani McRae is a sophomore at Brighton High School. Michael plays varsity football and Delani is a varsity cheerleader.

Dean Lipinski is a senior at Walled Lake Northern High School. He asked his girlfriend, Sidney Smith, to prom with candles and flowers.

Nicole Nick and Daniel Skewes from Waterford Kettering High School. He asked me to prom on spring break in the Magic Kingdom. We were going to take a picture in front of Cinderella's castle. We were going to one of those photo pass people and they would take our picture. But when I turned around, he put a crown on my head and gave me a ring. He pulled out the scroll and read it to me: "Princess Nicole, no other princess will do, the only princess for me is you, I am hoping that you will say yes and make our senior prom the best prom? Prince Daniel." I had tears of joy and happily said yes!

Carlton Helwig and Kodi Kinder from Divine Child High School.

Taylor Lang and Dillon Champagne from Divine Child High School.

Aylie Yousif and Jack Whitefoot from International Academy of Bloomfield Hills, Prom 2015

Donovan Mattson's request to Natalie Jenks, both from Howell High School.

Robbie Moyers and Sydney Baker. We go to Garden City High School and have been dating for a little over 2 years! 

Check out these video promposals from Berkley High School (2014), courtesy Sam Silverstein: 

This video promposal comes from Tiger Xamountry and Tess Ware from Milford High School!

Maddie Damron and Matt Kern, Clarkston High School: "During spring break my choir, PCEP Festival Singers, took a singing tour of Italy where we performed at numerous beautiful churches, including St. Mark's Basilica and St. Peter's Basilica.n our last day in Venice(my favorite city), my boyfriend, Matt Kern, completely took me by surprise. He promposed on a boat ride, and had our choir singing one of our songs (Oh My Luves Like A Red Red Rose) as I walked up to him. With a Venetian glass rose in hand, he asked me to prom.I of course said yes!! It was the most thoughtful thing anybody has ever done for me, and I was not expecting it at all! He's such a wonderful person and I'm so happy to be going to prom with him"

From Reilly Butler at Milford High School: "He had taken me to a coffee shop in Brighton called Proper Cup, while he had the help of our moms and my aunts set up the driveway. Halfway home he pulled over and told me he has to blind fold me, I had no idea where we were going. Next thing I knew I was being pulled out of the truck and taken somewhere. I heard footsteps running away from me, then someone took off the blindfold and I saw I was at my house looking at the candle lit driveway. My whole family was there to celebrate! It definitely caught me off guard!"

Zach and Lauren from Warren Cousino!