Shelby Township dermatologist staying open, shifting to online visits during COVID-19 pandemic

Posted at 5:40 AM, Apr 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-13 06:57:55-04

SHELBY TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) — Dermatologists are working to stay open during the COVID-19 pandemic to make sure those with skin emergencies can seek help from them and not go to emergency rooms.

Dermatologist Judy Fontana works for Dermatology Specialist of Shelby, a part of the Hamzavi Dermatology group. They are currently accepting new patients, meeting with people through Zoom or FaceTime.

Seeing patients through video conference is allowing them to see patients from around the country.

In extreme cases, they are conducting office visits.

“A emergency that we would meet the patients in our office for is somebody who has a skin infection or a blistering disease or some type of allergic reaction that we would be able to help them with,” said Fontana.

Any type of skin cancer that could grow into something life-threatening would also constitute an in-person visit, and possibly surgery.

They hope to continue to help others so people do not have to go to emergency rooms for skin issues, which will help save beds for patients diagnosed with COVID-19.

“Another reason is so that these patients themselves are not exposed to even sicker patients in the emergency room and potentially contract something from that way,” Fontana said.

She said she has been getting more calls pertaining to dry hands, especially with people washing their hands more and using drying hand sanitizer.

“Use a gentle soap to wash your hands, something that is not drying to the skin or very harsh on the skin and after hand washing, make sure you dry your hands thoroughly and then apply a nice moisturizer,” said Fontana.

Fontana does suggest a cream over a lotion for dry hands because it is more moisturizing. If that doesn’t work, a dermatologist can write you a prescription.