Shelter-in-place for two Walled Lake schools after nearby bank robbery

Posted at 1:58 PM, Sep 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-15 20:37:07-04

Two Walled Lake schools are in shelter-in-place mode following a nearby bank robbery.

Both schools are located in West Bloomfield but are part of the Walled Lake Consolidated School District.

Walnut Creek Middle School and Pleasant Lake Elementary are affected by the shelter-in-place, which means exterior doors are locked. School continues as normal.

The bank robbery took place near Maple and Haggerty Roads. The suspect took off on foot and has not yet been located.

Walled Lake Schools says all students and staff members are safe and released the following message: 

Walnut Creek Middle and Pleasant Lake Elementary Schools are in a shelter-in-place (all exterior doors locked, school activity continues as usual inside). This is a result of a bank robbery that took place at Maple and Haggerty Roads and the suspect is on foot in the area.

We will stay in shelter-in-place for the remainder of the school day and will have law enforcement officials at both schools. All students are safe and school is continuing without disruption.

As always, your child’s safety is paramount and we are collaborating with the law enforcement officials to ensure safety. We will continue to take extra precautions including indoor recess at Guest Elementary School (Guest is not in shelter-in-place) and scrutiny of all who attempt to enter the schools.

We will keep you apprised if this situation changes.