Short's Brewing, The Pink Fund raising money for breast cancer awareness with Soft Parade

Posted at 9:10 AM, Sep 28, 2020

(WXYZ) — Michigan-based Short's Brewing Company announced Monday they are teaming up with The Pink Fund for Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the brewery's flagship beer, Soft Parade.

From Oct. 1 to Nov. 30, Short's will donate $1 for every Soft Parade purchased anywhere in the brewery's distribution footprint. That includes Soft Parade in all formats: pints, 6-packs, 16-ounce cans or 12 packs.

Those who purchase the beer must upload the receipt to the Short's website.

At minimum, Short's will donate $3,000, which is enough to sponsor one patient for 90 days.

“We’re all about giving back, and wanted to take the time to focus on the incredible work that The Pink Fund is doing to support breast cancer patients during treatment. Soft Parade is one of our best-selling brands, and with our pink-themed packaging it felt like a perfect fit.” Pauline Preuter-Knighton, Chief Sales Officer for Short’s Brewing Co said.

“We are so excited to have found a partner whose values are aligned with The Pink Fund mission,” stated Deborah Braciszewski, Development Officer for The Pink Fund. “We know that Short’s Brewing Co understands our vision for supporting the breast cancer community, and we are extremely grateful. This partnership with an organization who is eager to leverage their power for the greater good is heartwarming.”