Sister of murdered circus star helps exonerate wrongfully convicted man

Posted at 11:39 PM, Nov 20, 2017

A circus performer for metro Detroit was murdered 25 years ago. Now his sister is telling 7 Action News the wrong man was locked up for more than two decades.

Gerard Soules was a Vegas stunt man and stage performer at Circus Circus. Prior to that, he thrilled audiences with numerous acts including a stint with Ringling Brothers.

"He had been there a year and had renewed his contract," says his sister Kathleen Nasrey. 

On June 4th, 1992, a heinous crime devastated Gerard's family. His sister says someone robbed his home and stabbed the 54-year-old to death.

Even worse, police and courts convicted and sentenced the wrong man.

"He was homeless and impaired. Having worked in special ed I take great offense to that," says Kathleen. 

Frederick Steece then spent years behind bars until new evidence freed him in 2015.

Just a few days ago, Kathleen says she flew back to Nevada to testify at a special hearing to clear the innocent man's record for good before the state Supreme Court.

"I wrote a 4 page note about all the lies that were told and what had happened," says Kathleen.

Kathleen says the man who actually committed the crime worked with Gerard, but is now outside the US. She hopes to one day see justice served, but remains grateful she helped exonerate a man who is not involved.

"Our family we just have a thing about righting wrongs. If it's wrong you fix it," says Kathleen. 

We're still waiting to learn what might happen to those who had a hand in all this. Several filmmakers have also expressed interest in telling this story.