Rentalutions turns rental experience digital, gives landlords tools to manage properties online

Posted at 10:27 AM, Jun 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-30 11:12:10-04

Software is making managing properties a little easier for independent landlords across the country.

"Rentalutions" is just one company that is automating the rental experience. The Chicago-based company has more than 40,000 landlords currently using its program — and about 300 of them are right here in the Detroit area.

CEO and co-founder of Rentalutions Ryan Coon stopped by Broadcast House this morning to explain how the company is trying to make property management a little more automated. 

"The premise of the platform is to really make renting easy and we do that by bringing together all of the tools and resources that a landlord would need into one place," said Coon. 

The software shares rental properties on all of the major websites like Zillow and Trulia, enables landlords to do background and credit checks on potential tenants, collect rent and monitor maintenance requests.

"Everything that used to be pen and paper...that's all online now and it makes it so much easier," he said. 

Coon and the company's other cofounder were both full-time professionals and managing properties on the side when the idea for Rentalutions was born about four years ago. 

"We were using a lot of Excel spreadsheets, pen and paper -- and we recognized the need," said Coon. 

The pair took a chance, growing their product and team. 

"We actually left full time jobs in finance, taught ourselves to code, and really figured it out ourselves." 

If you want to learn more about the software, check out the company's page here.