Southgate McDonald's manager jumps into action, saves customer in diabetic shock

Posted at 11:11 AM, Sep 28, 2021

(WXYZ) — It started as a typical September day for Susan Causey, she had just pulled in to pick up her husband from the senior center in Southgate when the red flags went up.

"I could tell just by the way he was walking to the car that something was wrong. So when he got in the car, he couldn't even talk," she said.

Susan's husband has diabetes, his sugar was dropping, and she knew she had to act fast.

"When you're a diabetic, you can drop so fast. You can go from shock to coma, and I knew he was at a very close point of coma," said Susan.

She said the closest place she could think of to get her husband help quickly was McDonald's. She pulled into the fast food restaurant on Eureka. The indoor section was closed, and there was a line of cars, but as soon as sue got to the speaker, she yelled, "'I need a large orange juice. Can you please have someone run it out to me? My husband's in diabetic shock,'" she recounts.

Inside, workers turned to manager James Dalpiaz for help.

"I ran. And I said, 'I got it. I got it. I got it, I know what to do.' So I'm pouring sugar in there. And they ...said, 'oh, she only asked for orange juice.' And I said, 'I know what I'm doing ... just trust me,'" said Dalpiaz.

You see, Dalpiaz's aunt also has diabetes, and he knew just what to do. Instinct kicked in. He ran out to Susan and her husband carrying an orange juice loaded with sugar.

"I didn't even think to tell him to put sugar in it. You know, when stuff like this happens, I don't care how many times it happens, I always get shook up," said Susan. "You've got to react pretty quick to it. And he did. So he's my little hero forever."

Susan said because of her husband’s other health issues, the day could have really turned into a disaster if it weren’t for James. She went on Facebook later that day to give him a shoutout on a community page. And the response was overwhelming.

"I'm really humbled by all the responses I'm getting, because I'm kind of shy guy, so I feel like I don't deserve it, you know, I'm just doing what was right," said Dalpiaz.

It’s that quick-thinking kindness that Susan and her husband won’t soon forget.

"I think there was an angel on my husband's shoulder that day ... it's weird how it all panned out," she said.