St. Clair Shores resident gets 'gnarly' gash after wind causes metal roof to fly into his face

Posted at 10:23 PM, Nov 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-27 23:05:59-05

ST. CLAIR SHORES, Mich. (WXYZ) — A St. Clair Shores resident was hit in the face by a 6-feet piece of metal from his neighbor's roof after high winds knocked the material over Wednesday.

Dwight, who would prefer his last name not be used, posted about the unfortunate incident to a Facebook group, giving a warning to people to also "watch for stuff flying, not just flooding."

Dwight had to make a trip to the ER where he received "a whole bunch of stitches," he said.

"I'll have a story and as the DR (doctor) called it - a "Gnarly" scar" to go with my headache and black eye," he wrote.

A wind advisory was in effect for southeast Michigan until 9 p.m. The incident occurred earlier in the day on Wednesday.

Dwight said he's home now and doing better and hoping everyone else stays safe in this weather.