Starbucks for Outlook add-in helps you schedule coffee meetings, send eGifts

Posted at 8:05 AM, Jun 17, 2016

Next time you want to meet about a work project over coffee, your email can help you find the perfect spot.

Microsoft has announced a Starbucks add-in for Outlook. It's basically a new feature you can load into your email toolbar.

The tool-- that you can download for free online-- will let you select a Starbucks location when you're setting up a new meeting request in email.

A map with the address of the selected location will then embed in the message to send to your coworker or client.

What's more, if there's someone in the office who has gone above and beyond, the tool will also let you send them a Starbucks eGift as a thank you.

You can find the Starbucks for Outlook add-in in the Office Store. 

It works with, Outlook 2013, and 2016 and web users with Office 365 or Exchange 2013 or 2016 mailboxes.

It's a handy tool if you like to talk business over an iced grande Caramel Macchiato.