Sterling Heights city leaders announce a crackdown on illegal marijuna grow operations

Posted at 11:25 PM, Nov 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-03 23:25:50-04

The city of Sterling Heights is planning a new crack down on illegal marijuana growing operations.

On Thursday, during a news conference, city leaders gathered to discuss the problem. They say since medical marijuana became legal, there have been more and more illegal operations popping up.

"We have received dozens and dozens of complaints from citizens of Sterling Heights some who have lived in our communities for dozens and dozens of years, who no longer, because of the activities of their neighbors are able to enjoy their home or their backyards,” said Sterling Heights Police Chief, John Berg.

Berg said the issues for other residents include a potent odor in their neighborhood, increased vehicle traffic, bright lights at night and noise from equipment.

He said the city council passed a measure to fast track these cases in circuit court and his department will be on the prowl.

Already residents in Sterling Heights need to get a permit with the city clerk before legally growing marijuana.

"We want to reiterate, registered caregivers and those who grow medical marijuana in accordance with the medical marijuana act will not be affected, instead we will be focusing on those who are ignoring the ordinances and exceeding the state law,” said Marc Kaszubski, the Sterling Heights city attorney.

If you think you know of an illegal grow operation in Sterling Heights call 446-CITY.