Stislicki Person of interest in court as another alleged victim testifies

Posted at 3:46 PM, Aug 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-01 17:16:24-04

Floyd Galloway Jr. was in a Livonia courtroom Tuesday on charges he attacked a female jogger last fall.

We heard the 911 call.

"This guy just tried to rape me. He tackled me while I was running and tried to pull my pants down," the woman is heard saying to 911.

That victim, a young mother, was on the witness stand, her face hidden, testifying in front of the accused.

"That's when I felt someone grab me from behind," she testified of the alleged attack. "He took his arm and swooped it around my neck, held tight around my neck. He started to drag me towards the woods off the path."

"He became more forceful and got on top of me," she continued. "I started yelling 'what do you want', 'why are you doing this', he said, 'I just want sex'. "I thought he was going to rape me."

He tried to get her to a more secluded area, but she refused. She eventually got away.

Galloway Jr. is the person of interest in the dissappearance of Farmington Hills woman Danielle Stislicki.

Hines Park in Livonia, the site of the jogger attack, was recently searched for her, with nothing found.