Student-run nonprofit raises money, supports community organizations in need

Posted at 7:00 AM, Jun 22, 2024

NORTHVILLE, Mich. (WXYZ) — Fifteen-year-old Dhanya Chugh and 16-year-old Nishi Patel spend their spare time volunteering to help nonprofits raise money.

They are two of the 30 members of Key2Finesse.

It’s an organization led by high school and middle school students from the metro Detroit area. Their goal is to simply help support those in need by asking people to donate to their cause.

Chugh says that the organizations they choose to support need their voices raised.

“So, what we do is we go to these events, some of which you never heard of. We call these organizations. We kind of hunt table prices and we are there." Chugh said. "And basically, what we do is we give a short pitch about Key2Finesse and about the charity we are supporting.”

Last year, the group raised money for the Abhi Shah Foundation, an organization that supports children in foster care.

Patik Shah, the founder of the Abhi Shah Foundation, says the money raised by the group is impacting lives.

"The kids put their hearts (in)” he said. “And they ventured out themselves to the different local businesses and collected the funds for Abhi Shah Foundation."

This year, Key2Finesse has their eye set on Variety, a nonprofit organization raising money for children who need prosthetic body parts.

Chugh said the team is extremely passionate about the project.

“With Variety providing that elevated sense of, I want to say, normalcy, having that prosthetic limb and helping them from a very young age to get used to it, I think they’re one of the most unique causes we supported,” Chugh said.

If you would like to learn more about Key2Finesse and help their efforts, visit their website.