Students feel disgusted after racist, vulgar videos hits social media

Posted at 10:10 PM, Sep 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-26 22:11:12-04

Students at Lincoln High school are outraged after multiple videos hit social media apparently showing students from two schools making racist and disgusting remarks about African-Americans.

After watching the video, students were furious by what they call a racially motivated video. Lincoln High School Junior Malone Nussbaum says it was disgusting.

"We don’t tolerate it at all, at least the students don’t," Nussbaum said. "I was honestly really angry, but I wasn’t surprised someone like that in this area said something that vulgar," 

In one video, it sounds like the students can be heard saying “Black lives do not matter” and "you hang better on a tree than apples do.”

"We want to feel safe here," Nussbaum said. "This is a pretty diverse school. Everybody here are pretty cool with everybody. We all just want to feel safe in our school and comfortable, we don’t want anybody like that in this area at all."

The superintendent of the Lincoln School District responded to the video saying that the district does not condone those students' behavior, and that necessary action has been taken.

"Something should be done, maybe like a group meeting with students, parents – something," Nussbaum said.

In another video a teen from Milan High School is heard saying, “That b***** is deader than a N**** on a slave ship" when talking about a car they were trying to boost.

"It’s a very hot topic right now, racial discrimination in this day and age. It’s just ridiculous that people act like that," Nussbaum said. 

The superintendent from Milan School District responded to the incident saying in part,  "Our school and our district found the words used in this video to be deplorable and we strongly denounce the actions and words of these students." 

Nussbaum says racism must stop, and it begins with the young generation. 

"Just be good people and love one another and not discriminate because it’s 2018, things are changing and we just don’t have time for people like that anymore," she said. 

Both school districts say they work closely with their communities to ensure parents are immediately informed when issues like these arise.