Swipe left, swipe right or... share?

Posted at 7:46 AM, Mar 08, 2016

Swipe right, swipe left—or share?

Tinder is testing out a new feature that could have you playing matchmaker.

The company recently announced on their official blog that they are testing out a profile share option.

While you’re searching for your perfect match, if you come across someone you think would be better suited for a friend, you can share their profile.

The share icon sends a temporary link to your pal—giving them the option to swipe on the profile. If they swipe right, which is an indication of interest, their profile might appear in that person's recommendations.

Tinder says the link will expire after 72 hours or five clicks.

Users can also choose to opt out of having a shareable profile.

Check out the announcement on their blog here.