SyFy Network's "Ghost Hunters" to investigate Whitney mansion for haunting spirits

Posted at 5:21 PM, Aug 17, 2016

Many Detroiters have heard the Whitney mansion could be haunted, now SyFy Network's "Ghost Hunters" are investigating it themselves.

It's the first time the historic home is being showcased on national television for its supernatural reputation.

"A lot of people feel that maybe if there is a ghost it is David Whitney," said Bud Liebler.  He has owned the Whitney for the past 10 years.

His staff and patrons have experienced some paranormal activity and they were thrilled to have the Ghost Hunters come for a visit.

The Ghost Hunters checked out the home and the carriage house twice.

Bud says they found some unusual activity, even when cameras weren't rolling.

"Bolt of lightning that came down the stairs came all the way down the stairs and ran out the front door," he explained. "Didn't get it on camera but they felt two of them had seen it so one verified the other."

Some folks have seen dark shadows and a figure of a man and a little girl in the home.

Bud had an experience one morning when he walked out of his office for a few minutes.

"All of a sudden I noticed this candle is lit on the table and there was no one else in the building and I thought that was really weird and I ran in and sort of slammed the door in my office and stayed in there for a couple of minutes."

The third floor is called the Ghost Bar because of the many ghostly sightings in that location.

"This is where our staff say where the apparitions seem to happen, like walking through that wall, walking through that curtain."

So, is the Whitney haunted?

Bud says yes, but he is not scared.

"It's somebody who is looking over it because they cared about it," he explained. "Maybe there are good spirits and bad spirits. There are good people and bad people and I think maybe if we have any spirits here we lucked out... we got good ones."

The Ghost Hunters episode airs Wednesday night at 9 p.m. on the SyFy Network.