Cold Stone Creamery teddy bear mascot stolen in Greektown returned, theft caught on surveillance

Posted at 5:12 PM, Dec 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-07 20:50:42-05

Most thieves can't "bear" to see their face on the news. Three crooks are caught stealing a teddy bear on camera from an ice cream store in Greektown.

Thieves hit a Cold Stone Creamery and stole the company mascot. It has since been returned.

Store owner Gus Sweis said, "We just want Truffles back" before he was returned Wednesday evening.

Three "bear-nappers" entered the Cold Stone Creamery in Greektown Saturday and causally walk out with Truffles.

"I don't know if this was a joke. If they thought it was funny."

Gus cannot bear the thought of someone stealing the store bear. "These are middle-aged people that are doing this. What example are they setting for kids."

One of the thieves took the bear out of the store with her hood on. She walked a few steps and then realized she is on camera.

Gus explained, "Looked like they were shocked, 'uh-oh, now what do we do.'"

After stealing with several cameras on them, if you thought dumb criminals could not get dumber, think again.

One of them bought ice cream with a credit card. "We have her name and we are investigating it now," said Gus.

Police are taking the bear-napping seriously.

Truffles is 5' tall and worth $400. Gus added, "Don't take what's not yours."

Once caught, Gus wants the three to face fines or make a teddy bear donation. If you know who these people are, call Detroit police at 313-596-5300.

The store will be offering a reward to anyone who can identify the three thieves.