Teen from Plymouth starts his own campaign for President of the United States

Posted at 5:09 PM, Jun 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-13 17:11:29-04

There is a young man in Plymouth that wants to be President of the United States. 18-year-old Dorian Thompson wants your vote!

He has started his campaign to become president... one day.

"I have two catch phrases that I love. One is 'I'm ready, are you?' And one is 'Come with me to the next United States.'"

He just graduated high school and he's heading to college to study political science.

Dorian dreams of working in the Oval Office.

"The first thing I would do differently is balance that budget." He has been interested in politics since he was a little boy.

"It all started with Abraham Lincoln in school." Dorian's mother, Dr. Eboni Mathis, said. "He did a project and he started doing studies and research. I just started to see this interest."

Dorian was able to vote in the March primaries and thought it was important to meet each presidential candidate who hosted an event in Michigan.

He took selfies with them.

On Donald Trump, he explained, "I asked him to come to my job Fox Hills Golf Course because he has a golf course and I said, hey you want to come to Fox Hills with me and he said no but I think you look great! He said I will be big one day."

On John Kasich, he said, "I actually asked him a question during the town hall. How would he preserve, protect and defend us."

"I said, 'Hi Marco it's nice to meet you my name is Dorian.' He said, 'Hi how are you and I said 'good luck to you," Dorian explained when he met Marco Rubio.

On Hilary Clinton, he explained, "She said, 'Hi how are you it's so nice to see you.' I said, "Madam Secretary it's nice to see you too and I asked her how Bill was doing and she said he is good."

"I said, 'Thank you very much, good luck to you. I've never seen a candidate energize the youth as much as you do," Dorian said to Bernie Sanders.

Dorian says he is an independent and as of now, isn't backing any of the candidates.

"My decision hasn't been made yet."

He was pictured in Time Magazine at a rally for President Obama in 2008 and got to meet the him a few years later when he was up for re-election.

He wants the youth to be interested in politics.

"Decisions made today can determine what's going to happen in my future, it's going to determine what happens in my kids' future."