Tenants have no heat in apartment building

Posted at 5:58 AM, Feb 15, 2016

Tenants of a Southfield apartment building are fed up again this morning. 

They say the heat isn’t working and many are forced to brave the cold indoors.

This is the second time people living inside the Atrium Apartments reached out to 7 Action News to help fix a problem they’ve had for a few days now.

They’re without heat on a weekend where we saw record cold-- and while we expect to see a bit of a warm-up, it’s still not enough to warm these people up.

Raquel Robertson and her son are keeping their apartment warm with space heaters. She says it feels colder inside her apartment than it does outside and she wants the heat fixed.

On Friday, our crews visited the apartment complex to hold management here accountable. The manager kicked our crews off the property without commenting.

After we got not reaction from the management, we went to the city and were told the heat was supposedly getting fixed.

This morning though, the word is getting out – the management here didn’t get it fixed. The heat is still down.