New push to find person who shot India Williams

Posted at 6:28 PM, May 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-23 05:31:52-04
A group of people in the community teamed up with workers at Crime Stoppers to walk through a neighborhood on Detroit’s east side Sunday.
Their message was clear:  they are not going to stop searching for information on a gunman who recklessly shot an innocent little girl.
India Williams, 9, was among those out along Charest. It is the same area where the little girl was hit by a bullet nearly two years ago.
She was riding her bicycle when gunmen where exchanging gunfire in the area.  The injury has left her in a wheelchair.
“Murderers are walking around and she can’t walk,” said Brenda Hill.  “This is an unconscionable incident that a child would be hit and two years later almost that we don’t have closure.”
“It’s not going to stop ever,” said Brother OJ.  “As long as you are out here on these streets hurting people we are going to stay out here and we are going to be on your coattail.”
It is believed someone out there knows the identity of the gunman. 
Sunday, the group handing out flyers, asking for anonymous tips in the case believes there should be enough outrage to drive anyone with information in the case to call police.
“It’s a shame that we don’t even care about our kids any more that we could drive by and just start shooting,” said Patrice Young of Crime Stoppers.
 “One of the biggest things that we need to do first is appeal to these mothers because these mothers… mother… they going to hide their child, they are going to cover for their child.   If we can get these mothers to say I would rather for my child to be in jail than dead then we will solve a lot of problems out here,” said Hassan Williams of Crime Stoppers.
The group is pleading with those in the community who have even the smallest clues, but are remaining quiet to speak up.
They can do so by calling Crime Stoppers at 1-800- SPEAK–UP – all calls are anonymous.
There is a $4000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest.
 “What I would say is be selfish today and think about yourself,” said Brenda Hill of Mothers Of Murdered Children.   “Think about your children.  Think about your nieces and nephews. If this happened to them you would want all of us out here helping you.”