Dearborn hot dog stand serves up late night halal meals during Ramadan

Posted at 6:44 PM, Jun 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-22 18:44:33-04

It is a summer cook-out staple - we're talking about hot dogs!

If you get a late-night craving, you can go to the Dog House Halal Grill on Warren Avenue near Theisan Street in Dearborn. But it's only open from Midnight to 4:00 am during the holy month of Ramadan - when Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset.

Sal Sarhan is one the owners.

"We come to set up at 11:00 pm, we get a lot of people just waiting for us to open," he said. "Sometimes we cannot see the end of the line."

 Business is booming so much they have to use two carts.

There are pictures of people waiting in line for these unique dogs at a unique time.

"They call it 'sahoor' which is breakfast."

There is a variety of gourmet hot dogs.

"The volcano dog, which is our top seller, comes with nacho cheese, jalapeños, hot Cheetos, we have our Doritos dogs - they call it cheesy dogs - it comes with cheese, nacho cheese and Doritos," Sarhan explained. "You can always change and pick your own and build your own hot dog."

All the hot dogs are halal, which contains high quality cuts of meat and no fillers.

"Way better quality than from the regular hot dogs."

When Ramadan ends in two weeks, Sarhan will sell hot dogs starting at 5:00 pm everyday. And he hopes to expand in other cities like Detroit in the next coming months.

If you were wondering where the name came from, Sal's wife picked it.

"My wife sent me to the dog house. Where am I at? At the dog house."