These are the top 7 Action News This Morning moments in 2019

Posted at 7:56 AM, Dec 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-31 06:45:37-05

(WXYZ) — Every morning, the 7 Action News team works to bring you daily overnight news, weather and traffic updates.

However, there are bound to be some goofs!

We've compiled the top 7 morning show moments from 2019 and will be posting one a day up until New Year's Day.

Some moments include bad jokes, bloopers and wacky forecasts! We hope you enjoy!

Morning show moment #7: Ladies Day

When it's all ladies on 7 Action News This Morning, someone's bound to break out into song! Turns out, that someone is Alicia.

Morning show moment #6: Ali's blooper reel

This one features a blooper reel from 7 Action News reporter Ali Hoxie over the summer. We're glad she was able to (eventually) make a basket.

Morning show moment #5: Ann Marie's head size ratio

Ann Marie's reaction to her head size ratio compared to the rest of the team is pretty great.

Morning show moment #4: Jennifer Ann 'Lights Up the Season'

In this moment, Jennifer Ann Wilson pretends to light up the Campus Martius tree. Little does she know, a display behind her actually does light up as she pushes in the plug.

Morning show moment #3: Alicia Smith's joke doesn't quite make the cut

We've all made a joke that didn't quite land, right? Well, Alicia Smith's moment happened on-air! Her joke will make you want to walk the plank.

Morning show moment #2: Kevin Jeanes' hair forecast

Over the summer Kevin had a creative way of showing how much of a humid weekend we were going to have.

Morning show moment #1: The big cleanup

Our top 7 Action News This Morning moment goes to this unforgettable guest segment with Alicia, Keenan and Kevin, which truly shows that team work makes the dream work.