Thieves target three stores for smash and grabs on Detroit's east side

Posted at 9:24 AM, May 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-28 17:52:26-04

Detroit Police are investigating multiple smash-and-grab robberies on Detroit’s east side that could be connected.

Three separate party stores were all targeted early Monday morning. Diamond Market, Mr. S Party Shop and Super Spot. All three businesses are within a few minutes of one another, and all three were hit by thieves who used a truck to back into the businesses that broke a hole into the buildings.

“This is not right,” said Marvin Mikhail, the owner of Diamond Market. “They broke into three stores over here in the same day, and a few more days they broke into the store just down the road from me.”

Police confirm the three break-ins, and a similar break-in that happened a few days earlier. In fact, Diamond Market was broken into less than two weeks ago.

“These guys, they need to find them and lock them up because it’s bad for the community, my business and everybody.”

Mikhail has owned his store for 24 years. He said he’s had break-ins before, but the new style of using a truck to ram into stores causes more damage than ever before.

In this particular case, the thieves waited outside for the truck to back into the building multiple times causing both a front garage door and a bullet proof glass door cave in — once open, they used a crow bar to pry open a second door before stealing money from inside cash registers, cartons of cigarettes and as much liquor as they could fit into boxes.

Mikhail noted that they had even brought a plastic City of Detroit recycling bin to dump goods into, but it appears they couldn’t fit it through the opening they made in the front of the business.

Nick Poota, the owner of Mr. S Party Shop, told 7 Action News that the thieves didn’t make it inside of his store because they attempted to come in through a wall and a large refrigerator stopped them from getting inside. However, the wall is now broke and the refrigerator which costs thousands of dollars is also ruined.

Poota said the damage is done. With so much crime in the area he was already having trouble finding insurers willing to cover his business.

“The insurance keeps on leaving us every year,” said Poota. “I hadn’t even had a loss in almost 10 years and still they said you’ll have to find another company.”

Police are investigating all three smash-and-grab attempts and looking for more information. If you have any information about who is behind the crimes you’re urged to contact police.