This metro Detroit woman is baking history with Ferndale cookie company

Posted at 10:07 AM, Mar 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-26 18:00:28-04

(WXYZ) — Courage, confidence and an idea. Those ingredients were the perfect recipe for a metro Detroit woman’s success.

Our Andrea Isom re-introduces us to the owner and founder of D’vine Cookies in Ferndale.

She started her business with her own money inside her kitchen in 2017. Now, her cookies are nationally known.

Welcome to the D’vine Cookie's slogan is "indulge your dreams."

“So that’s really where this is coming from, this is me indulging my dreams," Owner Rebecca Abel said. "I’ve always had the dream of building a big company. I have been a life long entrepreneur and always knew I wanted to someday find the right opportunity and this just came into alignment for me. My goal was to build a national luxury cookie brand. We’re probably making over 150,000 cookies a week at this point."

"They’re being used by a lot of big companies and being shipped all over. It’s really everything I’ve ever wanted."

And so was building a team that felt like family. Because Abel really wants to help them have it all!

“This is a woman-owned, women-run company," D'Vine Cookies Executive Tanya Caspar said. "She’s employed hundreds and hundreds of people around Detroit. She treats everybody with so much dignity and respect. She makes everybody feel good about themselves."

Now, they are looking to grow an entity within the company called D’Vine Cares, which is all about community involvement.

This Women’s History Month means so much to Abel, as a woman who is making history of her own.

“It’s about women’s empowerment and building ourselves up to help the world. I’m the cheerleader for many women and I have many women cheering me on," she said.

And she offers the following message to all of us, looking to indulge in our dreams, too:

“Start small, take little manageable bites and keep moving the ball forward toward your dreams and eventually you’ll be there," Abel said.

Now, D’Vine Cookies is inside of a 10,000 square foot facility with a business that is raking in the dough, meaning dollars! And it all began by believing it could!

To learn more about D’Vine Cookies and buy some as well, go to