Thursday's Top 7: The top 7 ice cream shops around metro Detroit

Posted at 10:52 AM, Jun 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-21 10:52:32-04

Summer is here! School is out! And the heat is on! That means it's the perfect time for ice cream. More than one thousand of you weighed in at in our search for the area's top 7 ice cream shops.

In our new Thursday Top 7, we'll check out the best places, event and activities across Metro Detroit and bring you the top 7 every week.

Here's the scoop on the ice cream shops you picked as the ice "cream of the crop!"

Ask customers at Guernsey Farms Dairy and they'll say they have found a little bit of heaven. The Northville ice cream shop and dairy gets high marks for variety of flavors, its creamy texture and size of the scoop!

I suited up with Joe Kinville for a tour of Guernsey. Joe's grandparents, John and Elise "Pat" Mcguire  started Guernsey Farms Dairy back in 1940.

Joe says his grandfather developed formulas “and we're still running those same formulas.”

And that original ice cream is still red hot! Even though they store it in this mega freezer chilled to 40 degrees below zero.

It's part of the process that has kept Guernsey Farms Dairy a family tradition handed down through the generations.

“i see a little kid getting an ice cream cone. He's got it all over his face and he's smiling. And it just couldn't make us happier.”

Family-owned Ray's Ice Cream in Royal Oak is a blast from the past! From the vintage stools to servings built to share. Tommy Shimshock says Ray's is about the the complete experience.

“We have the old-fashioned ice cream parlor feel out front and we still do the giant banana splits, the big sundaes and you just feel like you're home with your family.”

And since Ray's opened in 1958, they've seen it all. Even when times are tough, Tommy says it has always been about the ice cream and a personal touch.

“Even when the economy and the times got tougher on your brain can't sacrifice a product. That's what we're known for. And of course the friendly service.”

Great ice cream shops are sprinkled all across metro Detroit.

  • 1st Guernsey Farms Dairy
  • 2nd Ray's Ice Cream
  • 3rd Erma's with three locations in Macomb county.
  • 4th Mootown Ice Cream & Dessert Shoppe in Detroit
  • 5th Cook's Farms Dairy in Ortonville
  • 6th Custard Hut Dearborn Heights
  • 7th Treat Dreams in Detroit and Ferndale

And with the 4th of July right around the corner.. for next week's Thursday Top 7 - we're checking out the top 7 places to get fireworks here in Metro Detroit.