Tips to avoid home flooding as spring arrives

Posted at 5:19 PM, Apr 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-14 17:19:58-04

With Spring storms, you have to worry about flooding, especially in your basement.

"Water is definitely a villain especially when you have a nice basement, said Roto-Rooter plumber Pat Walsh.

He said your home should be ready for strong storms.

"Want to make sure that your sump pumps are in order, your storm traps are clean that the main lines don't have any roots or calcium issues."

During the Spring season, plumbers get many calls about flooding.

"The frantic call, 'I've got 4-inches of water in my basement and everything is floating away, what do I do?'"

Walsh said many of those problems could've been prevented.

"People always ask at that time, 'what should I have done?'" he added. "The last thing you want to do is to have thousands of dollars worth of damage because you didn't make one phone call."

Sump pumps can be very helpful but you have to make sure it works properly, maintain the ejection lines and it's not a bad idea to get back up system.

"If the lights go out, you've got electricity."

Plumbers use a camera to get inside the pipes to see what's causing issues.

"It takes a lot of the guess work out of it."

Experts say it's a good idea to call your local plumber to make sure everything is working smoothly before you run into any issues.