To mask or not to mask? That's the question many Brownstown families are answering

How to incentivize wearing a mask for your child
Posted at 11:20 AM, Aug 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-14 11:20:26-04

WXYZ — Guidance continues to roll in strongly suggesting the use of masks, especially for young children not yet eligible for the vaccine.​ For many families, it will be a personal choice and opinions vary.

One Brownstown family said they don't go anywhere without masks.

"I mean if Alexander were to catch COVID it could kill him," Brownston mom Alexis Wyatt said.

She says it's mostly to protect her youngest, Alexander, who has a genetic heart condition and a compromised immune system. Alexander was supposed to attend Gudith Elementary in the fall, but with no mandatory mask policy in place Wyatt decided to keep him home.

His big sister, Athena, will still go to school. She says she already made it clear to her teachers where she stands on masks.

​"Athena stood up for herself and said I am not taking this off I have a sick brother at home," Wyatt said.

Trenton mom, Heather Rowland feels differently. She says her daughter will be happy to leave her mask at home.

"I don't think it's a risk in my opinion. Nobody's been sick in my household," she said. "Personal opinion, no mask."

Dr. Banu Kumar says kids can be super-spreaders of the virus and a simple cloth mask can keep them from bringing anything home.

"The material has to be tightly woven fabric and it has to be breathable. Cotton works fine. Preferably more than one layer," Dr. Kumar said.

And she said it's probably a good idea to send your kids to school with more than one masks in case one gets dirty or wet.

The Woodhaven Brownstown school district policy says masking indoors is a personal choice, but they will be requiring masks for students using their public transportation.