Today marks 85 years since the automotive Flint sit-down strike

Today is National White Shirt Day
Flint Auto Workers Strike 1937
Flint Auto Workers Strike 1937
Posted at 2:40 PM, Feb 11, 2022

FLINT, Mich. (WXYZ) — Eighty-five years ago today, the Flint sit-down strike occurred. The strike started in late Dec. 1936 and ended on Feb. 11, 1937 - lasting 44 days.

Today we know it as National White Shirt Day, acknowledging the impact of the union in the auto industry.

According to, the autoworkers at the time were striking to earn the recognition of the UAW as the only agent for General Motors. The strikers wanted GM to stop sending work to plants that were not unionized and wanted a fair wage. This is when the UAW and GM administrated their first contract with each other.

The UAW Vice President Chuck Browning said in a video announcement Friday that this was one of the most significant victories in the union history by gaining a contract with General Motors Co.

A member from UAW Local 598, based out of Flint, initiated the national day in 1948.