Tomatoes Apizza named Best Pizza by Food Network

Posted at 4:51 PM, May 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-12 16:51:18-04

Tomatoes Apizza in Farmington Hills was named the Best Pizza in Michigan by Food Network Magazine.

The shop owner, Michael Weinstein, said it's important to get the right crisp.

"Sometimes when you hit it, when you get just the right crust, when it ferments just the right time and everything happens and you taste the thing it's outstanding and elated. And for me, that's what it all about," he explained.

Weinstein's quest to make a tasty pizza pie has landed him in Food Network Magazine.

"The real challenge is to get every pie just right. To get every pie a masterpiece."

The pizzeria's 'Naples Sampler' has been crowned the best pizza in Michigan by the magazine.

It combines four types of pizza.

"Quarter classic with one topping you like. A quarter fresh mozzarella. A quarter green and a quarter white."

Michael looks for several things when it comes to making a perfect pie!

"Black char spots on the bottom. The outside I want it to be a little floury and when you bite it. I want to hear it across the room. I want it to be so crispy.

Other factors: The fermentation of the dough. The age of the cheese. Who slices the mozzarella. How hot the oven is.

"The porousness of the brick," he added. "The height of the ceiling, whether or not you close the door on the oven and certainly the size of the oven and the heat source of course. We use coal." 

Michael says it takes a passionate team to make great pizza.

"We are thinking of new ways to figure out how to make it even better."

Tomatoes Apizza has two locations in Farmington Hills, one on 14 Mile and Halstead Rd.