Top 10 states with the worst road conditions

Posted at 4:35 PM, Dec 24, 2021

Consumer Affairshas released a list of the states with the worst roads in the country. Here are states you should be aware of when you are traveling this holiday season.

Coming in as number one is Rhode Island. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, the state has received a C-minus on its Infrastructure Report Card. Consumer Affairs writes that there are about 150 bridges in the state and more than 860 highway miles considered in "poor" condition by the federal government.

Number two is Hawaii. They recently have received a D-plus on its Infrastructure Report Card. Hawaii residents rated their roads poorly due to potholes and uneven pavement, lousy lighting, few guardrails, traffic, and congestion.

Wisconsin is number three and has received a C on its Infrastructure Report Card. According to Consumer Affairs, drivers pay about $550 each year to repair their cars damaged by bad roads.

The Golden State is ranked as number four for states with bad roads. According to Consumer Affairs, California drivers pay about $800 in costs due to driving on bad roads.

Massachusetts is rated as the fifth bad road state. “The snowplows have done a number on our roads. Potholes and damage to the streets are a constant nuisance. Southbridge, or Massachusetts roads in general, seem to be in a never-ending loop of construction,” one resident said.

There are more than 1,030 bridges and over 2,030 highway miles in poor condition in the state of South Dakota. Consumer Affairs writes that drivers pay $562 in repairs each year due to the road conditions.

Based on the Consumer Affairs road survey New Jersey ranks as number seven for bad roads. Large potholes seem to be a recurring theme in the state. “They constantly seem to be fixing them, but I don't know whether they aren't doing it right or what,” an Ewing resident said. “They seem to be working on the roads all year long, but they never seem to be fixed.”

Louisiana is number eight in the top ten states with bad roads. Residents claim that there are "potholes everywhere."

The mitten ranks as number nine for having awful roads. “I hit so many potholes and bumps it's unreal. Bent two of my car rims,” a Warren resident told Consumer Affairs. “All the dirt roads have such bad potholes in them … you can’t even drive any faster than 5 miles an hour. If you’re going faster, you might wreck your car,” a resident in Leonard said. On average, drivers can pay up to $644 per year in repairs due to driving on Michigan roads.

The state that comes in as number ten is New York. According to the Consumer Affairs survey, the “patchwork is ... poorly done” in Manhattan, and “potholes [and] blocked lanes” remain an issue in Brooklyn. Bronx roads “are being ruined by new traffic patterns (islands and potholes) construction.”