Top 7 after-school jobs in metro Detroit

Posted at 9:33 AM, Aug 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-30 09:33:24-04

Full-time summer jobs are over, but high schoolers still need money for hanging out. That's where after-school jobs come in.

Here are the top 7 after-school jobs as voted on by 7 Action News viewers and readers.


Our viewers selected babysitting as the top after school job. The flexibility can’t be beaten and the pay is good. According to, the average pay for babysitters in Michigan is $11.29 an hour


Number 2 is fast food. Demand for workers is high. It seems as if you’re never too far from a fast food restaurant. Some chains, such as McDonald's, offer tuition reimbursement for part-time workers after just 90 days of employment.


Pizza delivery come in number three. This is a great job if you enjoy independence and a fast paced environment.


Love animals? Then maybe consider an after-school job at as a shelter worker, which earned fourth place on our list. It keeps you from sitting behind a desk and could help if you hope to be a veterinarian or a vet tech.


Movie theater attendant comes in fifth place. Free movies and discounts on concessions are great perks.


Restaurant server lands in the sixth spot. You’re always around people, always active and once you’ve been a server you learned skills you can fall back on in college or between jobs.


Rounding out our top seven is tutor. Could be a great head start to a teaching career. You set your own hours and choose your own clients.

It’s important to remember these jobs should come after school in every way. Parents should watch their kid’s grades to make sure the jobs doesn't interfere with school work. If grades begin to slip, it may be time to cut back on work hours.